Do we actually have anything in common?

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It’s a rude awakening to realise that you don’t look distinctly like either of your parents.

How is that even possible?

I mean, you definitely exited your mother’s uterus and your father seems overly occupied with keeping you alive, so you are certainly attached to them somehow. Yet when you stand side by side, to the naked eye you look nothing alike.

Gradually — if you look hard enough — you’ll start to see similarities. Maybe it’s the shape of your head. The small, but perfectly round pea head you inherited from your father. …

Hand over your passwords…

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When my 28th birthday rolled around, I had a pre ‘mid-life crisis’.

I came to the stark realisation that I had failed to achieve a large part of what imagined I would have done at this point in my life.

No 6-figure business, no house and definitely no six-pack abs. Superficial goals perhaps, but they were the items on the list I made as a teenager when I was asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”.

So I did what millennials do best — whipped out my iPhone and headed to the…

Lessons from master salesman Josh Braun

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Many people still treat LinkedIn as an online CV. They have an account but barely use it.

As of 2020, the professional network boasts a user base of 630 million professionals, including 4 out of 5 people that “drive business decisions.”

Your LinkedIn profile is the opportunity you have to gain an audience with these professionals and establish your personal brand. Whether prospective employers, business buyers, or simply networking connections, you have a chance to prove your worth through your profile.

I first came across Josh Braun about a year ago. He was a guest on a podcast that I…

What we would like you to know

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It’s a warm summer’s day and you’re walking down the street when you see a stranger walking in your direction. As you get closer, your eyes dart towards them and you scan them up and down. Subconsciously, your mind begins to assess them, making up your first impression:

Female, white, long brown hair, mid 20s, slim physique, no ring, nice clothes, wealthy.

Some of these may be true, others may not. …

Mixed-race, biracial, multi-racial, half-cast, half-breed, mulatto. In my lifetime, I’ve heard them all

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Since I’m from the U.K. my preferred term is mixed-race. My father is black African and my mother is white European.

The pure existence of my race has been a bone of contention throughout history. Historically, we have have been the residue of war in human form, the harvest of invasion and rape. In the latter half of the 20th century, we alongside our parents experienced discrimination, side-eyes and general distain. Our lives viewed by many as the evidence of degradation in our society.

We are not black, nor are we white. We’re somewhere in the middle, confused and torn…

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When I was in primary school, my class had 24 children in it. It was the local school down the road in a low-income area of London. 2/3 of the children were white British and 1/3 were of other ethnicities. Of those of other ethnicities, there were second generation Chinese, Vietnamese, Nigerian, Jamaican children. Two of us were mixed race. It was truly a melting pot in that corner of South East London.

One day I had a conversation with one of the girls in my class who said that she would be “going to her dad’s for the weekend.”…

Aaron Eckelt

Championing the Mixed-Race Experience. Psychology | Productivity | Improvement

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